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Speed Sells. Connect Faster! Matador centralizes all incoming inquiries to the most convenient and fastest communication channel: SMS text messaging!

When contacting a dealer, shoppers are ready to buy. As they submit multiple inquiries, you need to be ready and act fast.

Easy Website Integration

Our Matador Connect widget integrates with all dealership website providers. By showing relevant questions based on the page the customer is browsing, it allows you to generate incremental SMS conversations directly from your site. These behavioural conversations will be tracked whether on the home, car profile, financing page etc.

Conversational Analytics

Run A/B tests with various pieces of creative, keyword triggers and more to see what works best! CTA tracking will allow you to have a better understanding of your client preferences in order to offer them a more personalized experience. Double your ROI with chat!

From Web to Mobile

How it helps? Conversation. Conversion. Transaction. Get more people through your door, then leaving with a new car of their own! Matador AI will enable you to view the stream of dialogue on your web dashboard while potential customers get to interact via their mobile phone thanks to SMS

Theme Personalization

Personalize your chat box with your brand's colour, layout and logo. Get a white-label feel to offer the ideal customer experience, all while collecting quality leads. Use our pre-existing scripts or generate your own. It’s all about tailoring the product to your dealerships way of operating.

It's time to turn all inquiries into relevant
and meaningful SMS conversations.

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