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Bulk texting services now offer the best marketing ROI. It is effortless and effective. Select what CRM list you want to work from and have your messages delivered to hundreds at the same time.

Mass Text Messaging Campaigns- Made Easy

Database Segmentation

Based on the amount of contacts you have, and where they fall from a lead signal / demographic range, use Matador AI to segment messaging and blasts based on different campaign tactics.

Dynamic Personal Messages

By creating different narratives and modifying scripts, you will be able to personalize the message to your numerous cohorts and create iterative tests.

Content Scheduling

Linking your calendar, you will be able to preconfigure launches based on different events. Be it holidays or brand promotions, know that you will be able to schedule up to months in advance.

Measure Results

Scoring leads and analyzing results is exactly how you will be able to drive results and sell more cars week after week. Our simple summary dashboard will give you insight, and our software learns to keep offering you the ideal recommendations

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