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Inventory shortage at your dealership? Here's the Best Practice guide to acquire more trade-ins!

+20% More Cars Purchased
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Inventory Acquisition Strategies using Matador

  1. Handling incoming new leads properly:
    - response time
    - consistent approach
    - "we want to buy your car" message
  2. Market to your existing customer database:
    - you have a database of XX,000 customers
    - "hey, you purchased a ___ from us around ____.  we'd love to purchase that back.
    - *link to their trade-in landing page*
  3. Service drive customers:
    - every customer who comes in for service
    - pre appt message "hey lucky you we actually have our vehicle appraiser in today and you have a _____ that's a car we would love to buy back"
    - "while you're vehicle is in for service can we appraise it and let you know what we could buy it for?"
  4. Exit Intent:
    - customer about to leave website
    - "wait, before you go, we're about buying cars, prices never been higher"
    - link to trade-in tool or text us for online appraisal
  5. Mobile Coupon:
    *same 3-steps as above in Exit intent*
  6. Facebook Ads:
    - "we want your trade" FB ads
    - integrate with Matador
    - same automated follow-up as item #1

Kick your engagement into high gear.

Don't just take our word for it.

“Matador offers a powerful platform to speed up & optimize all communications. SMS makes it much more convenient and easy to use for both for our clients and our team members.”

Erik Jonker, Dealer Principal
Jonker Auto Group


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