Release Notes - December 2021

Just in time for the holidays! Matador is committed to helping you surpass end-of-year targets. Here are the new tools we've added to the box, just for you.

1. Improved 🚀

  • You asked, we delivered! Schedule your messages to send for later with no extra hassle. 🗓️
  • No more needle in a haystack with Matador Broadcast. 🔍 We now offer a search function if you need to find a specific message. 🕵️

2. Quality-of-Life Upgrades☑️

  • Appointment booking has never been better. If you have more than one location, choose which one the appointment will take place! 🥳
  • Stay in the know by inviting assignees to the booked appointment, who get SMS or email notifications just like the customer. 📝
  • We now support Spanish and French for appointment creation and scheduling. 🙌

3. Coming Soon / In the works ⚙️

  • Matador Coupons: We're changing the game with coupon creation for dealers. 🎫 Create sleek, professional coupons that instantly hook your customers and win sales! 💸
  • Email! Personalize your AI bot automation sequences to engage customers through email. 📧💨
  • Get the best of both worlds by setting up multichannel follow-up sequences with both SMS and email. 📱🤷📧
  • We always keep your engagement maximized. That's why Matador sets the customer's default touchpoint to the communication channel they respond through the most. �