3 Highlights from Digital Dealer 2021 in Tampa

It took us some time to catch our breath, but wow, we had such a blast at Digital Dealer Conference & Expo, Tampa edition. 

We met some incredible folks from across the automotive sector. We started some valuable conversations, and we learned a ton about what’s happening in the industry. 

Now that we've had some time to reflect, we wanted to share three highlights from our experience at Digital Dealer & Expo 2021 in Tampa.

1. Our industry is filled with incredible people.

We're a software company, but we know it's the people behind the technology that makes our industry tick. And boy, we were floored at how positive everyone was. And not just excited about the return of real, in-person conferences (which is definitely something to cheers over!). We're talking more about the overall sense of support and enthusiasm we felt across the whole conference - especially after a year of Covid-19 isolation. It wasn’t hard for us to get in the mood and jive with the positive vibes in our little booth nestled between the Beer Garden and the Cigar Lounge. 

Winner of our tablet giveaway at Digital Dealer Conference & Expo 2021 where we met with auto dealers to talk about SMS and artificial intelligence.
 Winner of our tablet giveaway!

2. Auto dealers have a lot to be excited about.

The auto market is always under a lot of pressure, and dealers should always be looking for new ways to approach and engage with the ever-changing consumer landscape, but based on what we saw in Tampa, things are gonna be good. Hats off to Digital Dealer for bringing together such a diverse range of players in the automotive space. With hybrids, EVs, maturing technologies like machine learning and AI, and emerging demographics (not to mention the return of normal inventory levels after Covid-19), car dealers have a lot of options as they adapt to a post-Covid future. 

We hardly had a chance to catch our breath.

3. Democratization of AI is happening for real.

We just got started, but we already feel the well-spring of support for what we’re trying to do. At Matador, we want to look under the hood of the automation tools out there and bring machine-learning and AI to work for your dealership, specific to the needs of your customers. We call it a democratization of AI because we’re showing you the tools and helping train your dealership to gear up from there. We think it's going to change everything for the better - from sales teams’ operational efficiency to creating seamless customer experiences across touchpoints - and based on the response we got in Tampa, a lot of you guys agree! 

For all those we met at Digital Dealer, Tampa: it was great to meet you, and let's stay in touch. 

You'll be sure to see our horns at a booth in Vegas at Digital Dealer Las Vegas.