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The Matador AI Story

Matador was born from within the industry, forged by dealers for dealers, those who have the daily responsibilities of running and scaling their operations in the automotive retail industry. 

The pain point that kept arising around customer engagement was isolated and extracted; the solution distilled into a suite of software that automates parts of the job which is redundant for sales teams, giving them superpowers in others. The platform empowers them to engage thousands of leads in ways that were never possible.

As communication channels evolve and customers adapt, we will be there so you don't have to waste time or resources on what isn't your core business. The medium might change, but the message will stay the same.

Long before the concept behind Matador had taken seed, a small team of auto management consultants and technology geeks were regularly bombarded by clients with the same basic question: How can we easily tailor each customer’s shopping experience in a way that’s more personal, engaging and fun?

After repeatedly doing their due diligence with no success, these entrepreneurs finally decided to take matters into their own hands. They would utilize their uncommon mix of automotive and technology insights and create an outside of the box solution.

Today, as the leading customer engagement platform, Matador is not only enhancing the car shopping experience for customers, it’s helping auto marketers nourish new leads and cultivate existing relationships with advanced AI, real-time messaging. In other words, Matador is helping disrupt the auto industry everyday with one invaluable innovation after another.